Commercial Demolition Tips

Posted on: 25 May 2021

If you have just bought a commercial space, and there is a building on it that can't be repurposed, you'll need to totally demolish it. This is a multi-stage process, but if you implement these tips, commercial demolition will be successful every step of the way.

Have Demolition Planned Out

You don't want to just start tearing down structures without a care in the world because that's how people can get hurt. You need to instead take time to plan out how this commercial demolition is going to go. This initial planning phase will get you accustomed to things like the necessary demolition equipment, costs, and timeframe.

You'll avoid wasting time and effort by working with a specialized demolition company that can help you put these plans together. Then you know for certain each stage has a purpose and professional guidance, which will keep the moving pieces from becoming too much to address. 

Pay Attention to Safety Protocol

There is a set way of doing things as far as safety when a commercial building is demolished. Even if you're not going to be performing a lot of physical tasks during this demolition, you still want to go over the safety protocol with the demolition crew that you're working with.

Everyone needs to be in unison concerning the tasks they're going to complete and the equipment that's going to be utilized. Also, verify the demolition crew will be wearing the appropriate safety gear, including construction helmets and work boots. They may seem minor, but they can dramatically improve the safety of a commercial demolition.

Watch Out for Existing Utilities

There will be utilities connected to the current commercial building that's being demolished. You want to plan the demolition around them because it wouldn't be smart to destroy them along with the building. Then you would just have to build them back up and waste a lot of money.

Try to structure this commercial demolition in a way that leaves the current utilities intact. You also want to make sure the utilities are turned off and ideally capped. Then you can minimize damage and also improve the safety of this demolition, especially when it comes to gas lines.

Commercial demolition has a lot of variables that must be accounted for. You won't struggle to do this if you establish clear plans for how the demolition will go and correctly work with all of the parties involved in this demolition process. 

For more information, contact a commercial demolition service near you.


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