Designing Your New Industrial Building

Posted on: 26 May 2021

If you are planning to construct a new industrial-style building for your business, there are many design considerations that should go into the planning of this structure. However, businesses often may overlook some of the more basic and simple design steps that could help them to maximize their investment in the new industrial building.

Floorspace Usage

Industrial businesses will often need to have a large amount of floor space in order to accommodate the numerous pieces of equipment as well as the workers that will be needed to staff the enterprise. As you are in the design phase for your industrial building, being mindful of the potential floor plan layouts that you wish to use can allow you to make strategic decisions when it comes to the placement of walls or the size of the various rooms needed in the structure. If your industrial building will house multiple different departments, arranging a meeting among the leaders of these portions of your business can ensure that the needs of these departments will be considered and included in the final design for the building.

HVAC Considerations

As a result of their large size, industrial buildings can have fairly demanding HVAC requirements. This can be needed to ensure that the interior of the building is at a comfortable temperature while also improving the air quality for those that are working in these settings. Understanding the areas of the business that will produce the most dust or other particulate matter can also prove useful when determining whether air purification systems are needed and where they should be placed.

Parking For The Workforce

It is often the case that large industrial buildings will have a need for a substantial number of workers in order for the facility to operate at maximum output. Making sure that there is sufficient parking for the workforce of the building can be a consideration that is often neglected during the planning process. This can result in the building having too few parking spots or these spots being located fairly far from the building. It can be difficult to effectively anticipate the exact number of employees that your business will need to have in the future, and choosing to include extra parking can help your business to more easily accommodate a growing workforce. Likewise, it will ensure that there are enough parking spots for important customers and other guests to the facility.

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