Asphalt Roof Repairs

Posted on: 27 May 2021

The asphalt shingles installed on your home will eventually wear out, and they may need to have repairs done before a replacement. You are going to want to inspect your roof and have repairs done before there is serious damage to your home. The following repairs will help you deal with issues as your asphalt shingles wear out.

Dealing With Winter Damage

The winter months could have caused damage to asphalt shingles that you want to make sure get repaired. An inspection during the spring months can help to find the damage that needs to be repaired. The problems that need to be repaired due to winter damage include wear of shingles at the eaves, wind damage, and leaks due to ice. There may also be other damage that needs to be repaired when you inspect your shingles for damage caused by the winter weather.

Repairing Storm Damage

There may also be problems with storm damage that need to be repaired. The storm damage can be caused by various issues, such as wind, heavy rains, or hailstones. If the problems are due to wind, the shingles may be missing, loose, or torn. These shingles need to be replaced when you repair the storm damage. If the problem is due to heavy rains or hail, the surface of the roof needs to be inspected for damage that may not be as visible.

Dealing with Minor Leaks

The roof may also have minor leaks that need to be repaired. The leaks can be caused by various problems, such as punctures, tears, and damage from debris. These issues can be repaired using roofing cement or by replacing the damaged shingles. The more severe leaks may require the replacement of the worn shingles that are causing the problem.

Replacing Vents and Flashing

The vents on your roof can be a problem too. They can wear out over time and cause issues with leaks and water getting into your attic. Therefore, if there are damaged vents on your roof, you will want to have them replaced. Other repairs your roof may need other than the shingles is where there is flashing installed. If there are problems with worn or damaged vents, you will also want to inspect flashing for signs of damage that need to be repaired.

The problems with your roof are going to need repairs before they cause costly damage to your home. Contact a roof repair service to help with these repairs when asphalt shingles begin to wear.


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