Airstream Renovation Tips and Tricks for a Customized Travel Vehicle With Personalized Features

Posted on: 16 June 2021

If you are looking for a travel vehicle, Airstream restoration can be a great improvement. These projects are great because they give you so many options for personalized customization. The following information will help you create a customized travel vehicle with a personalized design:

Repairing the Frame and Body Damage

The frame of your Airstream vehicle probably has some problems that need to be repaired when you begin the renovation process. There are also issues with the polished metal exteriors that need to be addressed. Therefore, you want to start your project by gutting the interior and repairing these issues. The undercarriage and exposed materials can be coated with an outdoor protective coating that will prevent wear.

Upgrading the Mechanical Installations

The mechanical installations are going to need to be upgraded too. The old Airstream mechanical systems are outdated and can be replaced with modern RV equipment. Therefore, all the old tanks, plumbing, and electrical systems need to be removed from your vehicle. Before the interior can be finished, you are going to need to finish the rough mechanical installation, which includes plumbing, tanks, and electrical wiring for energy systems.

Floors, Walls, and Other Airstream Finishes

Older Airstream finishes have several problems, such as not being durable or being too heavy. Therefore, you want to do good planning for the new finishes that you use in your vehicle. Today, there are specially designed composites and veneers that can be used to solve these issues. There are even options for veneers and synthetic materials that will give you a custom look you want for the finishes in your project. These custom finishes can also include modern lightweight cabinets that are designed for your modern RV storage needs.

Electrical and Airstream Energy Solutions

The electrical systems you install in your vehicle are different than what you may have in your home. This is because they have DC systems, converters, generators, and other equipment. There are also options for modern energy systems that can allow you to power your RV without connections. You can also install solar panels that can charge the portable energy systems you add to your RV. Dedicate a cabinet unit for utilities and these modern technology installations for your Airstream.

Renovating an older Airstream vehicle is a rewarding experience that will give you what you need for road trips. Contact an Airstream renovation company to discuss some of these options for your project.


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