3 Benefits Of Timely Septic Tank Drain Field Repair Services

Posted on: 12 July 2021

If your house is not linked to the municipal sewer line, chances are the wastewater from your house drains are leading into a septic tank, perhaps located in your backyard. As you possibly know, a septic tank system isn't complete without a drain field (also called a leach field), a sub-surface facility designed to receive the overflow from the septic tank and remove any impurities. Without this field, your septic tank will fill up and overflow, causing posing health risks.

Just like any other system, a septic tank drain field needs regular maintenance and repairs when necessary to ensure it operates optimally. However, keep in mind that only the septic tank repair professionals should carry out maintenance and repair. Read on to learn why.

1. Use of Appropriate Equipment

Dealing with septic drain field issues is usually a technical task. That's why professionals in this line of work continually invest in appropriate tools before executing any task. That way, they can troubleshoot any faulty systems and undertake appropriate repairs.

2. Quickly Spot and Solve Drain Field Problems

From stagnant water lying above your leach field to sewage smells and clogged toilets, numerous problems can arise whenever there's something wrong with the septic system's drain field.

Unfortunately, an average homeowner can overlook such warning signs. Fortunately, a septic system expert knows what to look out for and unearth any underlying problem affecting your septic drain field system. With their help, you will save time and money due to their prowess in diagnosing drain field problems and won't have to worry about putrid smells that can be a nuisance.

3. Expert Advice to Keep Drain Field Issues at Bay

Are you planning to build a car garage above the drain field area or plant trees above the leach field to use up all that nutrient-rich wastewater? Perhaps you plan to direct your storm water drains into the septic tank sewer line.

All these might seem like simple decisions, but they can come with dire consequences on your septic system. First, note that leach fields are affected by compaction when they support extra weights. As a result, planting trees around the drain field will exert pressure on the drain field, and their roots could perforate sewer pipes that direct wastewater to the septic tank. Furthermore, directing excess water into the septic system can quickly saturate your leach field.  

Working with an expert is always the best solution when faced with septic system issues. That said, these are the reasons you should hire professionals for septic tank drain field repair.


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