Ensure That Your Crash Truck Has These Visibility Features

Posted on: 15 July 2021

A crash truck is a valuable safety device to rent for any job that will take place around moving vehicles. Should a moving vehicle run into the crash truck, its design will allow it to absorb the impact and keep your work crew safe. When you're looking at different crash trucks to rent, your attention might initially be on the design of the device that is mounted to the rear of the vehicle. You should also take stock of a handful of visibility features that may be present. Ideally, these features will make the truck more visible on the road and reduce the likelihood that someone inadvertently drives into the back of it.

Bright Colors

The presence of bright colors is a simple way to increase the visibility of a crash truck. When you're assessing your rental options, notice which trucks feature bright colors on them. For example, if the attenuator device is largely painted yellow, this will make it more visible than a similar device that is black or gray. This can especially be true on overcast days when hues such as black and gray can be difficult for approaching motorists to see.

Warning Signs

It's ideal if there is at least one large warning sign mounted on the crash truck. While you'll want to set up a handful of road signs to the rear of the truck to provide advance warning to motorists, having a sign on the truck itself can be valuable. Some crash trucks have warning signs that are fixed to the attenuator. A sign that features black and yellow diagonal lines — an image that people quickly associate with something that is a hazard — can catch motorists' attention to make them slow down.

Digital Display Panel

Some crash trucks are also equipped with a digital display panel. It can appear in different locations, but it's commonly affixed to the rear of the cab so that it's visible to motorists who are approaching from behind the truck. Digital display panels are a good way to alert people to the presence of the crash truck, especially at dawn, dusk, and overnight. You'll be able to program the board to display a warning message that will catch motorists' attention and encourage them to slow down and drive with caution. Contact a crash truck rental company to learn more about these vehicles and the various features that they use for visibility.


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