3 Tips For Applying A Deck Sealer

Posted on: 26 July 2021

A deck can increase the versatility of your yard and provide you with an area where you can entertain your guests outdoors.

Many decks are made of wood. While wood is an attractive and warm material, it is susceptible to serious water damage when exposed to the elements over time.

The best way to preserve the beauty and integrity of your deck is to apply a deck sealer. Deck sealers are designed to make the wood waterproof. Use these tips to ensure that you are applying your deck sealer properly so that water doesn't damage your outdoor entertaining space in the future.

1. Invest Time in Preparation

If you want your deck sealer to provide maximum waterproofing capabilities, it's essential that you take the time to prepare your deck before you begin the application of the sealer.

Start by using a pressure washer to remove any dirt and debris from the surface of your deck. Give the wood time to dry before you move on to the sanding phase of the preparation process.

Sanding helps to remove the top layer of the wood, eliminating any impurities that might act as a barrier to the sealant.

Cleaning and sanding are critical when it comes to ensuring that the sealant you apply to your deck adheres to the surface of the wood.

2. Monitor the Weather Conditions

The application of a deck sealer will be more smooth on a day when the weather conditions are right. You want to select a day with very little wind. Temperatures should be moderate to facilitate proper application. If you try to seal your deck when the temperature is too high, the sealer could evaporate before it has time to properly adhere to the surface of the wood.

It's important that you only seal your deck on a day when no precipitation is expected. Moisture can cause the sealer to bead up and remain wet, creating a serious safety hazard.

Select an application day that will be followed by several clear days to ensure your sealer can dry properly.

3. Allow the Sealer to Dry Completely

It's important that you stay off your deck for a few days after you apply a fresh coat of sealer. You may be tempted to start using the deck quickly since most sealers feel dry to the touch within a matter of hours.

Keep in mind that it takes a few days for the sealer to fully adhere to the wood and create a waterproof seal. Using the deck too soon could interfere with the drying process and compromise the waterproofing abilities of your sealer.

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