What Are Insulation Blankets?

Posted on: 29 July 2021

Insulation is used for a lot of things. It is used to help maintain the proper temperature. It is also used to help maintain the safety of people who might be working around any particular machinery. Insulation installed and left alone doesn't work in all instances, so things like custom insulation blankets might be necessary. 

Insulation Blankets

These are also called jackets or pads and are removable, as necessary. The insulation blankets are generally made out of multiple layers. Those layers can include insulation designed to sit up against a hot surface and material designed to sit up against a cold surface. Depending on if the blanket is supposed to keep a part hot or cold, the layers may change order. The blankets will also have fasteners so that they can be attached or sealed shut to work. If they have been customized, they will be designed to fit that specific part or machine. There are several benefits to using one of the blankets. 

Continued Serviceability

One benefit is that the piece is going to be able to continue to be serviced and maintained. Since the insulating jacket is removable, all anyone will have to do is remove it and then access the machine or part under the blanket. Once they are done working on that particular item, the worker can just put the blanket right back over the place they were working on and fasten it back up. 

Energy Savings

Another benefit is that the insulating blankets will help with energy savings. Having to constantly put out the energy to keep something hot or cold can really run utility costs. It's also harder on the machines to provide the heat or cold because of the wear and tear on their parts. Since the insulating blanket is designed to fit over the machine, part, or joint and maintain the temperature, the machinery won't have to work as hard to maintain the correct temperature, saving money on energy costs and saving money on wear and wear tear in the long run. 

Insulating blankets are a necessary piece of equipment in a lot of fields. They are used when insulation designed to stay in place just won't work well or won't stay. Customizing the blankets makes them the perfect tool to be used in most settings. There are a lot of benefits to using these removable insulating jackets in the right place at the right time. 


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