Why Is A Land Survey Necessary When Buying Real Estate?

Posted on: 31 August 2021

Are you in the process of buying real estate, and need to pay to have a professional land survey done? If so, you're likely wondering why this is even necessary. Here are some reasons why a land survey is an essential part of buying real estate.

You Need to Know Your Boundaries

It's important that you know exactly what property you are buying when purchasing a home. While there may be some fences up around the property and some existing physical markers that identify what looks like the property line, you won't know for sure unless you have a land survey done. This will help prevent future disputes from happening because you will get a copy of the land survey that you can use in the future. 

You Need to Know About Encroachments

An encroachment happens when a person is using part of your property without your permission, typically with a structure that is built on it. This is very common in residential real estate when a neighbor installs a fence on part of the land that is not theirs, or makes a driveway a bit too wide and goes onto their neighbor's property. A land survey is going to let you know about all of these encroachments so that you can deal with them before buying the home.

For example, if a neighbor has a driveway partially on your property, it's not exactly something that is easy to move. You'll want to work out how the encroachment will be handled. This could include paying you for using part of your property, or having them rebuild the driveway so that it's off your property.

You Need to Know About Easements

A land survey is also going to reveal any potential easements with your property, which is when other people are allowed to use your property to access their own land. This is more common when there are not roads that lead to each piece of land, and you want to build a fence around your property that would cause a huge problem. By getting the land survey done, you'll know how to fence off your property and still allow others to have access for the easement.

Now that you know a few of the benefits of having a land survey done prior to purchasing real estate, you'll feel that it's a vital part of the process and will appreciate it more. 

For more information about land surveying, contact a surveyor in your area.


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