Outdoor Living Space Improvements

Posted on: 28 September 2021

If new construction was recently completed on your home, the usability of your outdoor living space may be affected. However, you can fix ruts, bare patches, and other cosmetic flaws with the following steps. Afterward, use definitive borders, color combinations, and lighting to create landscaped and hardscaped surfaces that are attractive and accommodating.

Lawn Corrections

Heavy machinery, dumpsters, and vehicles that were used during an active construction project could compact soil and tear up grass. Use an aerator to loosen and lift clumps of soil. Use a shovel to transfer the soil to any long, deep tracks that run across your property.

If the terrain was slightly uneven to begin with and some deep ruts are present along portions of your yard, purchase bags of topsoil and use the soil to fill in the holes. After tamping down the soil, plant grass seed in each bare patch. 

Landscaping Options

Landscape borders can be used to separate distinct areas that are designated for walking, relaxing, or viewing scenery. Borders can be set up alongside your patio, a flowerbed, a vegetable garden, or another section of your property that you would like to define. Pavers, fencing, flat or slightly rounded rocks, and stone walls can be used as borders.

A landscaping project contractor and coordinator can help you design bordered areas that will maximize the amount of space you are supplied with without sacrificing aesthetics. Choose border products that contrast with flowering plants, trees, or shrubs that are growing on your property. In addition, ensure the border materials won't take a lot of effort to keep clean. 

Hardscaping Options

A patio that is weathered or that contains old furnishings that seem to be cluttered altogether may inspire you to have the hardscaped surface refinished. Get rid of dated furniture and replace the pieces with a lightweight dinette set, small tables, and lounge chairs. Purchase furnishings that contain printed upholstery or purchase slipcovers that are a color that coincides with the siding and rooftop on your home.

Instead of leaving all of the furnishings on the patio, move some of the pieces to the areas that you defined in the previous step. The addition of a canopy or a gazebo can double your outdoor living space and provide you with dual options when planning outdoor meals or other activities where you and your loved ones will be seated. Also, add string lighting around any overhangs. In addition, install floodlighting around hardscaped surfaces and path lights along walkways.

For more information about outfitting your outdoor living space, contact a contractor.


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