Should You Choose Brick Or Stone For Your New Home Construction Project?

Posted on: 8 November 2021

Are you having a difficult time choosing between brick and stone masonry options for your home construction project? Will the traditional look of brick or the tendency for lower maintenance costs with stone masonry appeal more to your tastes? Keep reading for a comparison of brick and stone masonry materials so that you can make a well-informed decision about your next home construction project.

Brick or Stone

Brick and stone masonry complement each other in many ways. Brick and stone are both used for constructing walls and foundations, and both materials can last a long time. However, where brick and stone differ is in cost, appearance, and ease of installation. Brick is cheaper than stone because it can be installed faster than stone.

Brick offers a higher aesthetic value than stone. Brick comes in many different colors, and brick manufacturers typically offer a variety of brick types, such as a Flemish bond, English bond, and stretcher bond. Brick can also be stained, painted, or glazed in a myriad of hues.

Stone, on the other hand, looks similar to brick but lacks the variety of colors that brick offers. Stone, like brick, can be installed in a variety of styles. Brick, however, offers more flexibility when it comes to using brick to achieve desired looks.

Brick and stone masonry are each durable and long-lasting, but while brick and stone masonry have similar durability, each has a distinct life span.

Choose the Right Mortar

Mortars used in construction depend on the type of brick used. Generally, mortars used for the masonry of brick have various ingredients, such as sand, lime, gypsum, clay, and water. The mortar may vary in color from gray to tan to dark brown. The color and texture of mortar depend on the type of brick used.

You want to choose a mortar color that accents the style of brick or stone you are using for your masonry. If you are using a combination of brick and stone, you can even use the same mortar for both. This will help blend these two materials together.

Where to Consider Brick or Stone

When it comes to brick and stone, deciding which is better depends on a lot of factors, such as what your climate is like, how the houses in your neighborhood were built, and how much money you have to spend on your house.

Stone is heavy and hard to transport. Brick is lighter and easier to transport, but it doesn't have the same insulating qualities as stone. Brick also lasts longer than stone, so it costs less in the long run.

Since they are made of different materials, stone and brick have different properties. For example, bricks don't absorb moisture as stone does. Stone is porous and so absorbs moisture from the air. This can cause cracking, leaking, and other problems. Therefore, you want to consider where you use these materials. Some homes have stone skirts around the foundation and architectural details. If you decide to do this, you might want to seal them to prevent problems with cracking and deterioration.

Whether you're interested in red brick or white stonework, there are many factors to consider before making your decision. When searching for masonry services, it's important to speak with an expert about these concerns before getting started. Contact an experienced masonry service to get the help you need choosing the right brick or stone for your project.


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