Always Be Prepared - Conduct Critical System Planning

Posted on: 13 April 2022

When running a business, you must ensure your services are always accessible to your clients. But sometimes, calamity hits, which jeopardizes your service delivery by destroying your systems. In the case of a business's online system, a power outage or internet downtime can affect your transactions, potentially preventing your clients from making purchases. That doesn't have to be the case anymore; with critical systems planning services, the experts evaluate your business's core services and employ measures to ensure they are always available. Such measures may include having a cloud backup to handle your transactions when your on-premise servers are unavailable. 

Critical Systems Planning Services Explained

In business, planning is an effective tool to ensure the smooth running of your operations. The function of critical systems planning experts is to isolate the vital processes of your business and develop measures to ensure they are always running. They evaluate your organization and suggest contemporary plans to make your business active despite causes of downtimes like natural disasters, pandemics, and equipment breakdowns. To put that into perspective, for a company that records data on their computers, the data may become unavailable in case of a system breakdown. Therefore, they need to develop backup plans to ensure the data is accessible if that happens. For that, they require critical systems planning services to evaluate and propose the available alternatives to ensure the continuity of the business.

Types of Critical Systems

Before inviting critical system planning experts to evaluate your business, it's crucial to know the types of critical systems available. 

1. Safety Critical System 

These systems deal with situations that may lead to eventual death, deadly injuries, or environmental degradation. Examples include systems that control wastewater treatment and chemical plants emissions or a nuclear power plant reactor controller. These systems must be operational to prevent catastrophes due to their failure. 

2. Mission Critical Systems

These are systems that businesses and organizations entirely rely on for their smooth operations. The failure of such systems leads to stalling of business operations. Mission-critical systems include computers networks and power supply systems.

3. Security Critical Systems 

Undoubtedly, security is a top priority for businesses and organizations. Security critical systems prevent the loss of property and data. These systems include anti-malware software like antiviruses to avoid cyber crimes and closed-circuit television for monitoring the promises to keep out intruders and thieves.  

4. Business Critical Systems

These systems are crucial for the profitability of a business as they prevent property and economic losses associated with their downtimes. Such systems include business accounting data and product inventory. If these systems are unavailable, the business is at risk of running into loss of finances and products. 

Take Away 

Critical system planning is crucial to keep your business systems accessible in case of any eventuality. They ensure both your employees and clients access services for the continuity and profitability of your business. Additionally, they also prevent losses of information and property. Consult critical systems planning professionals for an in-depth analysis of your business operations and the development of strategies to ensure your critical services are always available.

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