4 Plumbing Repair Signs That Should Never Be Ignored

Posted on: 3 August 2022

Overwhelmed residential plumbing systems usually show signs that an issue needs to be repaired. However, many homeowners dismiss the relevance of things such as slow drainage. Some individuals may attempt to resolve the issues on their own and have short-lived positive results. By the time they decide to call a plumber, they might have property damages that extend beyond the plumbing system. The plumbing repair options may also be more complex. The following points highlight a few scenarios that require immediate assistance from a plumber.

Water Heater Issues

These appliances make everyday living easier. They require routine maintenance such as flushing the tank. Water heaters may leak if there are issues such as damaged or loose parts. An older water heater may leak if it has a corroded tank. Another issue is sediment in the water. This phenomenon occurs when a water heater needs to be flushed. 

Toilet Issues

If one toilet in a home has odd performance and the other work, it is likely an isolated issue. However, if there is more than one toilet and all perform strangely, it is indicative of an issue with the plumbing system. A common issue is slow drainage that requires frequent plunging. This issue is likely the result of something that is trapped in the drain lines. If the clog is not removed, it is possible for the issue to start affecting other drains such as bathtubs and sinks. It can also put a home at risk for water damage if the toilet(s) overflow and make contact with the flooring. Sometimes toilets respond strangely and may not flush correctly. The water may continuously run or make gurgling noises. This is indicative of a plumbing repair issue that involves replacing damaged parts. 

Burst Pipes

This is an issue that is likely to occur in cold weather. However, pipes can burst if they are corroded and get too much pressure. They will usually leak if it is a corrosion issue. This is why homeowners need to be aware of signs of pipe leaks. Brown spots on walls and ceilings are signs of potential pipe leaks. Individuals may also hear a sound that mimics running water behind their walls if a leak exists. Leaks and burst pipes cause water damage and require swift cleanup efforts to prevent toxic mold growth.

Routine plumbing inspections are a good way to identify plumbing repair issues before they get to advanced stages. A plumber can be used as a resource to determine how often a system should be inspected. To learn more, contact a plumbing repair company such as Countryside.


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