Should You Divide A Bedroom Into Two? 5 Good Indicators

Posted on: 29 September 2022

Does your home have fewer bedrooms than you would like? Today's homeowners and buyers want — and often expect — more bedrooms than prior generations did. So if your bedroom total isn't enough for your busy home or for the best future sale, should you divide a large bedroom into two? The right answer depends on many factors. Here are five indicators that could be a great choice for your house.

1. When You Have Space

First of all, you need to start with a space large enough to make functional and comfortable bedrooms. Attempting to squeeze too much out of a small area may make things feel worse than before. Consider not only the space inside the existing bedroom but also surrounding rooms and even the option of expanding outward. 

2. When the Bedrooms Meet the Definition

Did you know that there are legal definitions of what makes a room into a bedroom? These vary, but they often include minimum square footage, minimum width, the existence of emergency exits and windows, and possibly having a closet. If both rooms won't fit the bill, you may not be able to advertise them as bedrooms when selling. 

3. When a Bedroom is Part-Time

If you worry that one bedroom may be smaller than would comfortable for full-time use, consider whether it's right for part-time use. A space that could double as a guest bedroom or home office may not need as many amenities or as much space, which frees you up to focus on the other portion that will be used more. 

4. When It Can Be Reverted

How permanent would your changes be? If a bedroom may not end up fitting the definition of a bedroom or if you just need to separate the kids for a few years, look at making it reversible. The ability to restore its original form could be a plus for buyers since it appeals to both those who want more bedrooms and those who want larger ones. 

5. When They Will Be Comfortable 

How comfortable will the resulting bedrooms be? If both will have a window for light, a layout in which furniture can be easily placed, and access to a bathroom, it's likely that they'll be completely usable. Many challenges can be conquered with additional planning, such as by adding insulation for better noise protection or rethinking a shared bathroom at the same time. 

Where to Start

While it may seem a relatively simple task to simply divide a large bedroom in half, it requires more planning and forethought to avoid pitfalls. Start by meeting with a general contractor in your area today to learn from their expertise. No matter what you choose, your household and home will certainly benefit. 

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