6 Consequences Of Neglecting Stucco Repairs After Moisture Exposure

Posted on: 12 October 2022

It can create big problems for you if you don't schedule repairs for your stucco right away after you notice symptoms of moisture damage. The following are six consequences of neglecting stucco repairs after damage resulting from moisture exposure. 

Your property could develop a run-down and unattractive appearance.

Stucco with damage caused by moisture exposure is likely to look discolored and stained. This is especially true around the doors and windows of a home with stucco. Stucco with unrepaired moisture damage is also likely to develop unsightly cracks that make the building look old and run down. 

The value of your property can go down.

A stucco home that has been damaged by moisture is likely to be worth significantly less than a home with no moisture damage or a home that has had moisture damage repairs done.

It's important to keep this in mind and schedule prompt moisture damage repair if you are planning to sell a moisture-damaged stucco home in the near future. 

You can experience water damage on the interior of your property as a result of water damage.

If moisture damage to your exterior stucco goes without the needed repairs, the moisture will be able to spread to the interior of your home. This can lead to unpleasant and costly moisture damage. Such damage can include mold and mildew growth that causes unpleasant odors on your home's interior. 

The HVAC efficiency of your home can go down.

One of the many negative consequences that moisture damage to stucco can cause is missing caulking. Caulking is essential for optimizing the HVAC efficiency of your home. Therefore, moisture damage to your stucco can detract from the efficiency of your HVAC equipment and thereby increase your utility costs if left unrepaired. 

Rot can reduce the structural integrity of your interiors.

If moisture is causing damage to your stucco, it's likely that it will also soon cause damage to your home's structure if the damage is not promptly fixed. 

Home components like studs, joists, and rafters can become weakened by moisture if your stucco has been damaged by moisture. This can cause big problems by weakening the structural integrity of your property. 

You may need to pay to replace your stucco.

Eventually, moisture damage to the stucco on your home can become so severe that you need to have your stucco replaced.

Paying to replace your home's stucco can be very costly. Not only can it cost a lot of money to replace your stucco, but it can also be very cumbersome and invasive to have stucco work done on your property. It's much more convenient to pay for moisture damage stucco repair than it is to pay to have your stucco completely replaced.


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