Preparing For A Garage Door Installation

Posted on: 11 January 2023

The prospect of having a new garage door is exciting. The garage door is the largest element on the exterior of your home; therefore, it will affect your home's curb appeal. Today's modern garage doors are quiet, smoother, and faster. 

Consequently, you will find investing in a new garage door worthwhile. Although you need to hire installers to do the heavy part of the project, you also need to play your role as the homeowner. Some tips on preparing for a garage door installation are as follows.

Clear the Work Area

Garage door installers need full access to the garage. This is impossible if cars are lying around and your shelving systems are full of memorabilia. The installers will need access to sections under the garage door opener, springs, and tracks. They also need a space for their tools and parts. Make sure you remove all items on the side of the garage door that will obstruct the technicians from doing their job. Remove valuables as well to keep them from being damaged. 

Think About the Locations for the Wall Consoles, Opener, and Keyless Entry Pads

Determine where you want the wall consoles, opener, and keyless entry pads to save time during installation. The opener should be near an outlet where an extension cord can easily reach it.

On the other hand, the wall console should be near the door you use to enter the garage. You can also place it on the garage side of the wall. Finally, the ideal location for the keyless entry pad is near the door leading into your house.

Secure the Work Space

Since garage doors are heavy and come with sharp components, the installers will use power tools and ladders to do their job. It's crucial to secure the workspace by sending away pets and kids to avoid accidents and injuries.

Too often, installers are forced to suspend their activities when they see a pet walking around underfoot during the installation. Restrict pets and kids inside the house where you can monitor their movements.

Make Sure Power Is Available

On the day of the installation, you should confirm that power is available. It would be a shame for the installers to come ready for the task only to notice there is no power. Power is necessary when fixing the garage door opener. It is equally important that you are available in person or by phone if the installers have any queries.

To Wind Up

Preparation is crucial to a successful garage door installation task. A part of preparing involves choosing the right crew for the job. Seek referrals and search the internet for garage door installers. Ensure you compare the quality of service and quotes of different professionals to find the one best suited for your needs. 

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