Ways To Ensure Your Commercial Roof Is Ready For Winter

Posted on: 23 January 2023

A safe and well-maintained roof is vital to your commercial building's structural integrity. Additionally, such a roof enhances the curb appeal of your facility and helps maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. That being said, your commercial roof may undergo wear and tear over time, causing it to malfunction. This can result in leakages and energy losses, e.g., during winter, leading to hefty repair costs and utility bills. Therefore, you should hire a roofing contractor to routinely inspect your roof, ensuring it is in top condition.

Below are ways to ensure your commercial roof is ready for winter.

Conduct a Roof Inspection

Before winter's onset, it is prudent to conduct a comprehensive roof examination. It enables you to spot defects in your roof regardless of their extent. Notably, engaging a professional roofer for this detailed assessment is essential. They will identify any problems arising from age-related deterioration and strategize on effective measures to remedy them. These include unclogging drains, patching cracks, and replacing shingles and the seal coating to minimize energy loss.

Hire a Professional for Roof Cleaning

Winds can increase significantly during the late fall and wreak havoc on your roof. This may lead to plant matter falling on your roof and clogging the gutters. Moreover, the wind can blow weak twigs off trees, making them fall on the roof and damaging your shingles. Thus, it is imperative that you employ the services of a roofing expert to clean your commercial facility. They will remove debris from your roof, preventing ice build-up that might damage it if left unchecked. The result is a roof that drains effectively during winter and enhances your property's curb appeal.

Create a Snow and Ice Removal Plan

You will experience snow and ice on the roof whenever temperatures are below freezing. As such, the heavy weight of snow and ice may exert stress on the roof, making it vulnerable to damage. Therefore, you should contact an expert roofer to remove ice from your roof before it accumulates. They will rake off patches of snow and use a heating cable for any lodged in the drains. In addition, they use a non-corrosive de-icing product to melt any ice in the gutters.

Prioritize Preventative Maintenance

Your roof will undergo wear and tear over time, reducing its performance. Additionally, adverse weather conditions can increase the rate of deterioration, shortening its lifespan. Thus, you need to schedule regular maintenance with a roofing specialist. They will identify problems as they arise and repair them, preventing hefty replacement costs. Furthermore, they can trim overhanging limbs and excess foliage near the roof to prevent damage and clogs.

An expertly-serviced roof typically holds up well during winter. To achieve this, you should hire a professional roofer for maintenance checks, ensuring that your commercial roof is in good shape.

Reach out to a roofing contractor for more information.


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