Why Install Polycarbonate Rolling Shutters On Your Store?

Posted on: 2 February 2023

Rolling shutters give you effective yet simple protection for your store. These shutters bar doors and windows and protect them against intruders and damage.

While some store owners use traditional rolling shutters in their stores, you can also use polycarbonate products. How do polycarbonate shutters work? What are their benefits? 

What Are Polycarbonate Rolling Shutters?

Polycarbonate rolling shutters work like traditional products. They roll down to protect a store's entrances. Some shutters are manual; others have an automated opening and closing mechanism.

The differences between polycarbonate shutters and traditional products are their materials and appearance. Regular rolling shutters typically create a solid surface when they are down. They are usually made from metals.

Polycarbonate shutters do contain some metal. They have a metal frame that creates a window-like effect. The panels in the reinforced metal frame are filled with polycarbonate sheets. This material looks like glass but is much stronger.

What Are the Benefits of Polycarbonate Rolling Shutters?

Some people install polycarbonate shutters on their storefronts because they want a different look. They might not like the solid industrial appearance of regular metal shutters. They might want shutters with an unusual or more high-end appearance.

However, the advantages of polycarbonate products are more than cosmetic appeal. These shutters have extra security and marketing benefits that you won't get from a traditional rolling shutter.

The panels in polycarbonate shutters allow people to see inside your store. This can deter intruders who don't want to be seen.

For example, burglars can work unnoticed if they can break into a store with regular full shutters. Nobody can see inside the store.

However, if someone breaks into your store and you are using polycarbonate shutters, then anyone passing could see them at work through the shutter's panels. This extra visibility makes many intruders warier about which stores they target.

Polycarbonate rolling shutters also boost your store's visibility even when it is closed. If you use traditional shutters, then people can't see inside your store to see what you sell. The shutters close off your doors and windows.

However, polycarbonate shutters can showcase your store and the items you sell 24/7. People who pass by your store when it is closed can peek through a shutter if something catches their eye. They are more likely to come back when you are open to buy something they've seen.

To see some examples of polycarbonate rolling shutters and to find out more about their advantages, talk to commercial rolling shutter services.


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