Learn What Land Surveyors Help With

Posted on: 20 July 2023

The land surveyor plays an important role in the world of land ownership, development, and construction. Their expertise ensures accuracy that's critical when dealing with land purchases, property disputes, boundary division, and various real estate endeavors. This article will discuss some of the ways land surveyors can be of assistance when it comes to things like safeguarding property transactions, obtaining vital information for construction projects, and more. 

Defining property lines

Land surveyors are professionals who are trained to measure and map land boundaries. They have special equipment and techniques that allow them to establish property lines and identify the exact extent of a yard or piece of land. The information a land surveyor supplies is critical when it comes to defining legal boundaries and avoiding disputes with neighbors or other entities. 

Property transactions

A land surveyor can help ensure a smooth transaction when buying or selling property. Before a real estate deal is completed, the land surveyor will conduct a survey to verify the boundaries of the property and identify any easements or other encroachments that may affect the title. This information can help the buyer fully understand what they're purchasing, which helps prevent future legal issues regarding land ownership. 


Land surveyors can play a vital role in the planning and construction phases of building projects and other projects that require specific areas or natural resources. The surveyors provide topographical surveys, allowing the natural and man-made features of the land to be viewed. These can include elevation changes, flood zones, utility lines, and existing structures. This information is crucial for architects, engineers, contractors, construction teams, and others involved with the building of homes or commercial structures. The information can help when it comes to determining the right building locations for structures, outbuildings, landscape features, and more. 

Zoning compliance

When it comes to subdividing a larger piece of land into parcels, a land surveyor will create a subdivision plat. This ensures that the new parcels adhere to local zoning and subdivision regulations. The land surveyor can also help go over the land and applicable zoning laws when making significant changes to a structure or other features. 

Land surveyors offer an invaluable service to those in real estate, land development, construction, and any other position that involves land. They can also help a residential homeowner know their capabilities when it comes to making drastic changes to their property and help them learn the choices they have. For more information, contact a company like EHE Surveying.


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